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West Palm Beach Eyelash Extensions

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At Tami Jo Lashes & Co., we are proud to offer our eyelash extension services throughout West Palm Beach, FL and beyond. Whether you are looking to amplify your lashes and bring them to their full potential, or you’d rather go for a subtle touch-up, you can rely on us. Our business strives to provide our clients with stellar customer service with clean, professional, and healthy treatments that leave your lashes gorgeous and well-maintained. We also offer educational courses for those seeking a career performing eyelash extensions. We can teach you how to perfect the lashing technique and create a high-volume business. You can also join our team of empowered women. You’ll be your own boss in no time! Give us a call today at (561) 506-6424 to schedule your consultation and learn more about the services we provide.

West Palm Beach Eyelash Extensions

Who doesn’t love a dramatic lash? Thick, voluminous eyelashes have swept the beauty industry as a must-have for models, fashionistas, and celebrities alike. Why shouldn’t you indulge in treatments to achieve the same eye-popping confidence? Lash extensions, like the ones available here at Tami Jo Lashes & Co., instantly enhance your eyes, making them look fuller, brighter, and more vibrant. Plus, they look natural, so no one has to know you didn’t grow them yourself. They feel natural too.

After the first two days, you can even swim and shower without worrying about the lashes falling out. Save time in your morning routine by skipping the mascara and curling without sacrificing the defined lash look. With eyelash extensions, you will need much less eye makeup, which will save money. Our lash extensions are easy to maintain. After the initial appointment, you’ll need to come in for fills or touch-ups every few weeks, but otherwise, your lash extensions will require very little special care and attention.

The Rise of Eyelash Extensions

For many years, people have been unaware of eyelash extension services and the ample benefits they provide. Luckily, the treatment has gained traction over the years. Beauty magazines have caught on and shed light on the breathtaking aesthetic eyelash extensions convey and the pop they bring to an existing lash line. Women and beauty seekers around the world are now adding this treatment to their list of nail, hair, and other appointments they maintain.

Eyelash extensions can provide:

  • Confidence by restoring hair to eyelashes in the case of previous hair loss
  • Assurance through amplifying an existing lash line
  • Comfort knowing your eyelashes will always look bountiful
  • Time-saving, as you do not have to apply mascara on top of your makeup routine


Call Today & Let Us Revitalize Your Lashes

TamiJoLashes is confident in our team’s knowledge and professionalism in applying and maintaining your eyelash extensions. You can rest assured knowing that we only provide clean, safe, qualified, and healthy eyelash extension treatments to all our clients. This treatment has been growing for years and the trend is not slowing down anytime soon.

Get in touch with us today at (561) 506-6424 to receive your consultation!

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