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Tami Jo is an artist and a perfectionist!

I have been coming to Tami Jo for almost three years now. My lashes are just as healthy as the first day I got my extensions and I haven’t had to take a single break! Tami Jo is an artist and a perfectionist! She is meticulous and is able to create amazing results – I get so many compliments on my lashes! Thanks to Tami Jo I can roll out of bed on any given day and look like a super model! Even though Tami Jo is a perfectionist, she works quickly and efficiently so you are not on your back for hours at a time. I would never even THINK of letting anyone near my lashes except Tami Jo!! Simply put, she is in a class by herself.

Kathleen Ford Kathleen Ford June 21, 2017

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I’m not sure how I ever lived without them.

I've been going to see Tami Jo for my lashes for about 2 years and I'm addicted! I'm not sure how I ever lived without them. She has been great since day one and has always been super welcoming. I generally just let her pick the length and curl and she has never disappointed me! In fact, Tami Jo is the kind of person who is always trying to improve herself, her technique, and her business for her clients. Over the past 2 years, I have watched her take multiple classes and have even sat as a model for a volume class. She knows that the key to being the best is education and my lashes continue to get better!

It's fairly easy to book with her on FullSlate and her prices are very reasonable for the amount of work that she puts in. Her studio is so relaxing and calming that I tend to always doze off. If you've been wanting to try lash extensions, look no further than Tami Jo Lashes. She truly is a guru at her craft. Not only is she amazing at what she does, going to her for lashes is like therapy. We have bonded over the experiences in our lives, music selections, and podcasts we choose to listen to while she works.

Tami has done my lashes for everything from a vacation to my graduation and my wedding. She isn't just another lash artist - she is family.

Shannon Makowski Shannon Makowski June 21, 2017

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She is amazing, professional and considerate.

Tami has been my lash guru for four years. She is amazing, professional and considerate to her client's schedule. She doesn't just lash. She produces works of art. She has lashed me and my daughter for some of the most important days in our lives from my son's bar mitzvah, prom and graduation. Each time making us look like the best versions of ourselves. Tami makes you feel like a super model with her talent and treats you like family. Truly the best in her field.

Ilona Ilona June 21, 2017

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my lashes are perfect every.single.time!

I started getting my lashes done with Tami almost 2 years ago because of an allergic reaction to wearing eye makeup. In two years I’ve never had an issue with lash glue irritating my eyes like makeup has always done.
Laying down on the soft blankets in her studio & listening to calming music is so soothing & relaxing. Sometimes I feel like I’m having the ultimate spa day and I doze off. Sometimes we girl talk and laugh like we’ve been friends for years.
The best part is my lashes are perfect every.single.time! Every day I get compliments on how amazing my lashes look, they don’t need to know I pay for them! Tami makes me feel beautiful inside & out.

Jamie Pinta Jamie Pinta June 21, 2017

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TamiJo makes sure every single lash is absolutely perfect

A little over three years ago I decided to try lash extensions. The first few times I went to a woman who was good but I wasn't completely happy. As luck/destiny would have it I made my next appointment with TamiJo. After my first appointment with her is when I knew my lash extensions from Tami would be a regular part of my life. Since then I have been a regular client of hers that has grown into my own personal lash addiction and with that being said TamiJo makes sure every single lash is absolutely perfect. Tami always makes sure you feel welcome, you're comfortable, and that your lashes are exactly what you want. She is a true lash artist.

On a personal level being a client of TamiJo is life changing. She empowers women, boosts self esteem, and supports her clients in their personal endeavors. She also believes in teaching others her craft so they too can be successful like her. She is a woman who supports women. I'm so glad I made that appointment with her over three years ago.

Crystal Crystal June 21, 2017

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She has truly mastered the skill of lashing

I have been going to Tami for the past 4 years, every month, haven't missed an appt because her lashes are my life!!! She has truly mastered the skill of lashing & never is a time that I find flaws in her art. I always get compliments on my lashes, and even had people jump ship from other salons to join her instead since they witness the quality. As a lasher she is amazing, but more importantly as a person there is no truer soul. Knowing Tami & being apart of her journey I feel has been a gracious gift!! #TamiJoLasheeLifer

Victoria Victoria June 21, 2017

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